Presscomfort Ebar

Presscomfort Ebar

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Japanese technology since 1912

Start and stop the residential pump automatically which connected directly to the interior water network 

The best solution for water weakness problem in top floors

Protect the pump against dry running

Automatic restart when water returns after water cut and no need to go to the automatic to restart it   

Adjustable start-up pressure to fit with the pump pressure

Pressure gauge to measure the water pressure  

Non return valve inside the automatic

Easy installation

Totally enclosed for protection against the rain water and dust with protection degree IP65

Special offer: 2 years warranty including replacement (Limited time offer)

Spare parts and service centers at Al Arabia Co. main branches

Made in Italy


Pumped liquid 


Domestic clean water

Start-up pressure       


From 1.5 to 2.5 bar




Maximum flow rate


10 m3/hr

Liquid temperature


From 4 to 60 ºC

Ambient temperature


Up to 50 ºC

Inlet & outlet ports


1 inch

Max. pressure


10 bar



50/60 Hz



220 Volt

Rated current


16 Ampere

Motor degree of protection



Electrical cable



Pumping Fluid Domestic clean water
Pump Credits/Certificates CE, EAC
Pump body
Endurance compression 10 Bar
Electric power
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltages 220 V
Electric current 16 Ampere
Engine protection degree IP65
Engine insulation
Model Presscomfort-Ebar
Disposition Rate
Total Lift 10M\\\\1H

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