Underground Tank Capacity 90000 liters

Underground Tank Capacity 90000 liters

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This tank with giant capacity consists of three layers made of high density polyethylene.

1. Outer black layer gives the tank strength and hardness.
2. Foam layer provides thermal insulation for the tank.
3. Inner white smooth layer to prevent formation of algae in the tank.


Technical Comparison Table:


1- Size: Unlimited. Construction can be made from 10,000 liters and above.
2- Durability: It was designed to withstand stresses as buried underground. Study shows that polyethylene material durability can reach up to 50 years.
3- Water Tightness: Leakage-free and free of infiltration. No welding in the connections. All connections are durably sealed. Modules are one-piece molded.
4- Chemical Resistance: Raw material- high density polyethylene (HDPE) is resistant to most chemicals; especially highly corrosive chemicals like strong acids and heavy oils. According to the table provide by SABIC.
5- Health & Safety – All raw material  are food-graded . Polyethylene is a recyclable material. with no manufacturing waste.
6- Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain. Due to its modular characteristic, replacement for any defective part/module is easy. There is no need to replace the whole tank.
7- Handling & Transport: Easy to handle and transport. Tank can be transported in modules and assembly can be done on site. Lightweight tank yet very durable. 8- Reasonable cost


Tall 5614
Width 185
Height 1 185
Height 2 190
Height 3 196
Tank Capacity 90000

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